The romantic simplicity of a modern Earth wanderer

Marcus Friman, better known as Land of Trees, is a Swedish singer/songwriter writing the story of his life as he goes.

Land of Trees was originally formed as a trio and together they recorded the album ”Wild Wind” in a small studio in northern Sweden.

After releasing ”Wild Wind”, the band took different paths and Friman released two full-length albums; ”Small Steps Ahead” and ”Backlight Sonnets”, which both dug deeper into Frimans’ past and reflects a clearer picture of the fragments that make out the adventure that is Land of Trees.


The name, ”Land of Trees”, was made up by a friend looking out over the landscape of their hometown as they rode snowmobiles on the mountain. 

Much like the name, the music is inspired and often put into metaphors with nature to best describe the emotional journey one takes through life.

Friman has an almost nonchalant approach to creating music and won’t hesitate to release new, somewhat unfinished songs without warning and most of the lyrics are written in the heat of the moment, often in less than 30 minutes and only sometimes carefully altered upon playing it a few times.

This way the songs remain raw and honest much like life-stories are supposed to be told.


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